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Open to any and all players!

*Limited Spots Available*

DATE: July 25-26th, 2023

GRAD YEARS: 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027


LOCATION: Ridley Athletic Complex
Loyola University
Baltimore, MD


July 25th | 3:00-5:00pm | Specialists Combine
Goalie Director - Kip Turner (University of Virginia)
Face-off Directors - Steve Vaikness (Loyola University) & Pete Dolan (Rutgers)
$149 per player
*Limited to 40 Players Per Position*

What makes the National Lacrosse Combine a special experience?

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Official Combine Testing

As stats and metrics become a more vital part of the sports world at every level, we have partnered with some of the top professionals in the field to conduct our Combine Tests at the National Combine.

Players get to experience what it is like being evaluated as an athlete, not just a lacrosse player. It is often a shock to student-athletes when they get to the next level, to see the level of off-field training and testing. Our Combine helps to prep the players for this and put them in the competitive environment they will experience in college.

Tests include 40-yd dash, 5-10-5 shuttles, vertical and broad jumps, and shot speed.

College Level Practice & Elite Coaching

While games are a great way to be seen and a necessary element to recruiting, they often don't provide quality interaction and coaching between the college coaches and the players. The coaches LOVE to see how a player receives coaching and how they transform throughout a practice session.

Many events offer just games. Some offer a short "training session" or "team practice" which often does not provide as much value as it should. The National Lacrosse Combine is committed to providing the highest quality instruction and on-field experience for both players and college coaches. That is why the day starts with a FULL college level practice between 1.5-2 hours. Coaches get to see how the players work in a practice setting and how they receive and listen to coaching. Players get to see what a true college practice is all about.

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Competitive Game Play

Competitive games are the final piece to the all encompassing National Lacrosse Combine! Players get to showcase what they developed during the college level practice setting and go to battle, all while being coached by the Division 1, 2, and 3 coaches. Coaches rotate between teams so that every player gets to experience different coaches throughout the games. 

Given the talent level traditionally seen at the National Lacrosse Combine, every game looks like an All-Star game! Games mean something at the Combine. These are not "meaningless" games. Coaches coach to win, players play to win.

Top players get recognized with awards from Nike, Cascade, Maverik, along with special media recognition from the National Lacrosse Combine and our media partners.

2023 Event Schedule

Tuesday July 25th

Coaches Attending the National Combine

Johns Hopkins

Penn State
Saint Joseph's
& more!

Wednesday July 26th

  • 2:30pm Early Check-in Begins

  • 3:00pm Goalie & Face-off Combine

  • 5:00pm Combine Testing Begins

  • 9:00am 2026/2027 Check-in

  • 10:00am 2026/2027 Begins

  • 1:00pm 2024/2025 Check-in Begins

  • 2:00pm 2024/2025 Begins

"My son is a 2024 and attended your event on Monday. He said it was far and away the best event he’s ever attended. He loved the combine portion of the day and really learned a lot from the great coaching staff you put together. He said the level of competition was top notch and looks forward to attending more Q4 Lacrosse events in the future." - Parent

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